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The Book, "The Psychology of Cold Love" by D'Simon Nobel - "Chic" by Dr.Ayesha Mughees

Sunday, 10 May 14:01:04 - 6 months ago
The "Psychology of Cold Love" presents the theorem of what Cold Love is and how it affects our daily lives. Decades of research compiled over the past 40-years present a consensus as to what true love is and what it is not. The insights presented herein explores how emotional stimuli from our earliest childhood through adulthood act to program our subconscious mind, and often distorts or clouds our interpretations. The observations given is meant to educate a person on how to spot the traits of those who choose only to give cold love, and how they use all others to satisfy their selfish desires. Throughout the many chapters, the reader will learn about; interactions within a relationship, how to better understand your true desires, how not to become a victim, how to better sense and understand emotions, why some people choose to tolerate abusive behavior, understand what rage is and it's life-threatening effects, how to better control one's exposure to cold love, how emotional pain affects your physical and mental state, responsibilities in a relationship, how hating someone can cause long-term self-harm, how to mitigate the risks taken when entering into a relationship, the harm in being fickle, how to recognize moral credentialing, how dangerous most forms of narcissism can be, how cold love has evolved throughout the ages, and much more. The Psychology of Cold Love is for anyone who; is currently in a bad relationship and wants to attempt to make it better or needs to find justification to end it, someone currently single but wanting to make better choices in the future, a person trying to recover from an abusive relationship, or for those trying to forgive themselves for allowing the harm they have suffered. If we increase our understanding of what Cold Love is, then we enhance our ability to guard ourselves against it.
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