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Sanitary Napkin Ads & Muslim countries - Dr.Ayesha Mughees - Writer,Author

Thursday, 3 November 16:19:54 - 2 years ago
It is heart-wrenching how in a Muslim country like Pakistan, sanitary napkins in the name of 'broad-mindedness' are discussed so openly.We see ads on TV, people discussing so vividly &openly on social media.I mean it's okay to talk in person, but hey, why would one broadcast?I would always wonder about the women participating in it and how they must've done the Ad.It is really shameful and frustrating for many of us. I would have never discussed it but hey someone needs to do something about it in a so-called 'Mashraki' world like ours.Girls in a Muslim world are taught to cover their ornaments with pieces of cloth called 'dupatta' or 'headscrafs' not to come-up with such Ads.
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