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DIG HARD TO GET HIGHER - Apatsa olimbika

Monday, 18 July 08:18:33 - 3 years ago
Its high time that you should concetrate on your personal achievement and individual development. You know why? Political governments have failed to help facilitate development at all levels, socially and economically to citizens of their respective nations.You can agree with me that, its long ago when people depended upon free public service, and even though the services are still there, but not effective. Poor people are forced to private services inorder to access high quality services. Frankly, this is the proof that we all need good things and that's how we were all created, Human governments have failed us, there is a big gap between the RICH and the POOR. The only way out, the poor should fight for themselves, Put trust in GOD alone, he enrich humans with good things now and in the future.Rich people are SELFISH! Dig hard for your own, that will put you HIGHER!
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