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book me as spiritual companion and masseur for travel :-)
Friday, 30 November 11:38:30 - 1 week ago
I am available as a spiritual companion, spiritual teacher, tantra masseur.
Combine your travel with spiritual growth and pleasure
Open Balance Heal Heart Chakra Mudra Bija Mantra
Thursday, 22 November 04:18:17 - 3 weeks ago
I created a video on how to open your heart chakra
seeking women to rent a house for yoga retreat spiritual and tantric massages with me in Mallorca, spain, greece, portugal, Italy
Thursday, 15 November 06:13:09 - 4 weeks ago
Hello everyone... i want to rent a house over the winter months somewhere warm (maybe mallorca, spain, greece, portugal, Italy or further away) and offer spiritual sessions and tantric sessions for locals and visitors during this time. I am looking for one or two very spiritual women who wants to join in :-) Write me...
Massages will of course be free for you :-) https://www.danieleder.com
contact me
Heal Your Body - Heal Diseases Energy Healing Chakra Opening Balancing & Activating
Monday, 12 November 10:15:14 - 1 month ago
i created a video on how to heal yourself:
August 6th free yoga & spiritual event munich
Wednesday, 26 July 08:19:02 - 1 year ago
this yoga & spiritual event will definitely happen now :-)
this is my first bigger event in 2017 so join :-) you will grow and meet great people
yoga retreat center
Friday, 24 February 06:30:30 - 1 year ago
As some of you know i am starting a yoga meditation retreat center soon (this or next year)
I created a Facebook page for this
the event in munich is also soon happening:
daniel eder facebook group
Saturday, 15 October 07:08:23 - 2 years ago
i created a facebook group for events
but also for networking with other people interested in spiritual topics:
free spiritual conference munich 2016
Monday, 8 August 06:08:15 - 2 years ago
i am organizing a free spiritual conference in munich next sunday
Prague Spiritual Event in Letna Gardens
Thursday, 7 July 02:47:30 - 2 years ago
The location we meet is:
Prague Event:
we will meet in letna gardens in front of the little circle there... here is the location :-) if you can't read it let me know
short spiritual movie i made
Tuesday, 31 May 15:36:03 - 2 years ago
enjoy this short spiritual movie i made on youtube :-)
spiritual session munich with daniel eder
Tuesday, 24 May 07:10:07 - 2 years ago
more information:
10th of july prague spiritual event
Friday, 20 May 02:35:16 - 2 years ago
the next event is in july.
more info on: