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"Galaxy Radio Namibia hits above 108,000 listeners per show" by Dr.Ayesha Mughees
Wednesday, 8 April 07:49:02 - 9 months ago
The newly established media platform, "Galaxy Radio" based in Namibia is coming out to be a huge success. The Radio Station confirmed above 108,000 listeners as recently.
Galaxy Radio was established in June 2019 by 27 year old Tanya Smith from Namibia. The test transmission was for as long as two months. The Radio announced it's official launch in January 2020. It's been four months by now since it's successful launch.
The online Radio Station brings in the latest news, health segments, entertainment, celebrity interviews with Radio broadcasters from around the globe.
The Station aims at creating smiles worldwide.
"COVID-19 to bring forth a self-reliant and agile Africa" by Wisdom Hammond, College President, Pinnacle College-Ghana
Monday, 6 April 13:47:29 - 9 months ago
Africa is the undisputed hub of natural resources in the world but it has remained the poorest, most helped continent with its member states chasing first world countries with a cup in hand.
Today, as the world battles COVID-19 with the each for himself, God for all mentality, it has dawned on African leaders, politicians, scientists, technologists, in fact, everyone on the continent to look within for solutions.
The new Africa that will emerge in the post-COVID-19 era must be one that is ready to take the tough road towards real self-reliance to shape the fortunes of today's generation and posterity. Africa's so-called development partners and first world countries have looked fragile in the face of COVID-19 and have shown that every nation on the continent is as fragile as African continent itself.
Africa must look within and tap into its ability, pull resources, ideas and efforts together to gel into a powerful economic force that calls the shots. It is time to leverage already existing technology, re-engineer our self-belief, build and competencies and capabilities that will propel the content towards transformation.
The belief that Africa is rising must change, we have been rising for too long, when will we rise fully and rub shoulders with the west and serve as the benchmark for the next 100 years? The time is now. The World Bank predicted in 2018 that 6 out of the 10 fastest-growing economies will be from Africa. We are yet to realize that potential.
Agriculture, industrialization, science and technology and education must evolve at the speed of light to reshape the world's perspective towards African and change the African story. This is the time for leadership to mobilize technical infrastructure and skills as well as make huge financial investments across sectors because Africa cannot rely on its donor partners any longer.
Africa cannot continue to play second fiddle. He who begs is always poor and a slave to the giver.
This is the time for Africa to drum home and act in its own interest to become self-reliant, each country and the continent. A.F. Ewing in his write up Self-Reliance in Africa argued that foreign aid is becoming low while the terms they come with are becoming challenging. This is going to be worse for African countries in the post COVID-19 world. African countries that cannot invent themselves from within in the post-COVID-19 era will definitely not survive.
Foreign aid is at best not increasing and the terms on which it is offered are hardening.
As we work hard to win the COVID-19 battle, African states must begin to look within and rise above the third-world mentality.
Leadership will be key to realizing this struggle. The president of Ghana, H.E. Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo’s call has indicated that he seeks to build Ghana beyond aid, Rwanda is emerging as the African country to watch out for in terms of transformative governance. The long talk must cease for real action speaks louder than words.
Source: Wisdom Hammond, College President, Pinnacle College-Ghana
Wisdom Hammond is a Lecturer, Entrepreneur, Editor - NewsGhana24.com, Author, Public Speaker, Leadership Coach, Digital marketer, and a Human Rights Activist – Project Director for Ghana- Humanrights Reporters Ghana (NGO)
Email: wisdomkehammond@gmail.com

Ewing, A. F. (1968). Self-reliance in Africa. The Journal of Modern African Studies, 6(3), 361-372.
"How the Coronavirus Pandemic Has Brought About the Advancement of Society" by Mahmoud Suleiman Abdi Dualeh
Saturday, 4 April 15:07:23 - 9 months ago
Step back 7000 years and the start of something new was springing out of the Mesopotamian steppe. That something was civilization. Marked by a stable food supply (provided by the switch from hunter-gathering to agricultural-based societies), the domestication of animals, and the invention of writing and the wheel, civilization was a transformative force that brought about great empires such as the Babylonian, Akkadian and Assyrian empires. Today a lot of the advancements that occurred for granted. Interestingly, they are still continuing in the face of a global pandemic.
Coronavirus has taken the lives of many and infected many more. At the time of writing this article over a 1,000,000 have been infected. This number can change drastically through publication as the virus is hijacking people at an exponential rate. With the grim, dark and gloomy nature of this issue it is difficult to see a bright side. There is one, however.
Society has not been as vibrant as it is now for quite sometime. People are coming together. Healthcare professionals are working overtime and are being paraded by communitarians the world over. Vulnerable populations are being considered by others. All in all, this is a great show of people's humanity.
More tellingly and significantly, the advancement of society is being witnessed. Never before has a public education campaign been so adhered to. One needs only to take the failures of the wars against crime, drugs and terrorism to see the history of how these campaigns readily capitulated. More so, good governance is being practiced with the individual's health prioritized over other priorities such as education, the economy and more. The IMF has stated that the well-being of people and their livelihoods go hand in hand so expect to see more initiatives to combat the new recession of national, regional and global levels of aggregation.
Last but not the least, environmental management has emerged as a positive consequence of this pandemic. The skies have cleared about across China, Europe and the world. Air pollution is being dealt with, as people stay at home and take care of themselves and others. This proves that with effective management, global governance campaigns can succeed. All it takes is the right knowledge, good will and action.
In conclusion, society has seen a great advancement in the wake of the saddening COVID-19 pandemic. Communities are pulling together. Public education is being adhered to, emerging as a great tool to solve worldly problems. Finally, the environment is being managed better that at any point since the industrial revolution. The emergence of a more advanced society is the pill the world needs in the crisis, as well as what lights the future with regards to all the other global issues.