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Dr.Ayesha Mughees is a medical doctor,a prolific writer,author and poet. Her work has been published in Pakistani English Newspapers like Pakistan Observer,The News,Daily Times.You may find her photos and and interviews enclosed in American newspapers like,The Gazette and Urdu Newspapers,like Jang,Nawa-i-waqt,Daily Inqalaab etc. However,there are Television interviews on Channels like PTV ,Programme 'Night Time Transmission'
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Human Hermaphrodites and their Gender Identity
Friday, 4 November 12:34:22 - 3 years ago
The 'third sex' gender ambiguity.The most hottest topic taking over the media screens and papers these days.A hermaphrodite recently died in Lady Aitchison Hospital Peshawar,their community accusing the hospital administration for not taking charge of the delayed treatment of the deceased based on gender ambiguity.Hermaphrodites continue to protest upon the fact that they are not being given equal rights and their gender identity being taken for granted. Being unable to get down to a decision as for what gender should have been written in the gender section forms the reason why they lost their dear one.And within a split of a second the third sex went from living to dead.However,every picture has two sides. That's one side of the picture.
Needless to say,all humans can be males,females or hermaphrodites.There is need of gender equality based on their right to be accepted as a third gender;a hermaphrodite. The psychological implications of not being mentally accepted as a separate sex are enormous.A firm standpoint on a third sex-based identity is underway. And hermaphrodites continue to fight for their right as a third sex.However, print and electronic media are conveying their messages globally. Where these ambiguously sexed possess both male and female characteristics,but a body somewhat different from a male or female they still enjoy their life to the fullest in some parts of the world. Hida Viloria from San Francisco California an activist for intersex people writes, 'My life as a mighty hermaphrodite,' where she shares the ups and downs faced as a hermaphrodite by a South African athlete Caster Sameneya.Beginning from how she discovered herself from being one to how she actually proved to be one.A lot of people outraged over the hermaphrodite's gender identity verification.And also often further prejudice against the fact that she appears to be intersex.It becomes confusing at times because our society and culture instruct us to interact with others based on their gender.In hermaphrodites its not that one of the two gonads regress during the developmental stages of an embryo.Infact,both male and female genitalia enlarge .However, no matter what social barriers there may be, the third sex stand united to be recognized as a separate entity.India's first transgender college principal Dr.Manabi Bandopadhyay took the rein sometime back.She was welcomed as the head of Krishnagar Women's College Nadia district.It is an ultimate example for India to be setting the grounds for promoting hermaphrodism wisely..A lot more famous examples could be seen globally.Pakistan could set and is trying to promote equal rights for hermaphrodites by granting them the right to vote.Also, providing them oppurtunities, equal rights in the field of education,showbiz,sports and other spheres of life.This could help eradicate their so-called habit of begging on roads. And as for everyone to know,life's not unfair for intersexuals, peeps. So, hello!LIVE and LET live.